Letters to the editor: 08-19-18

Crash still not cleaned up

Months after a vehicle left the main road on the Queen Kaahumanu Highway and came to rest in the ‘a’a lava field between Waikoloa and Hualalai, it still remains.


Apparently someone feels it is a worthy work of art and should be left for all passersby to marvel at. Or could it be the state is waiting for the Ironman organization to foot the cleanup bill in time for this October’s event.

Time will tell, what do you think?

Marc Scichitano


Try this typo for size

Amazing how someone can get so worked up about a minor thing. Obviously, the woman has not lived here long. She should have been around for the “old” West Hawaii Today (which I/we loved more) where typos were on the daily order.

Well, here is a really good one: I now and then wrote articles for an animal publication. One day I wrote about cock fights. In one paragraph I wrote that cock fights happen mainly in Filipino communities.

When printed it said: Cock fights happen mainly in Fallopian communities. Try figure! So, Miss with the “U” problem, it could be worse!

Christa Wagner


Thanks for OHA support

I would like to thank all who participated in this primary election. My numbers concerning a run for the at-large position for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs exceeded my expectations, 19,546.

Congratulations to those who will represent not only the Native Hawaiians, but all of Hawaii Nei.

To my supporters here in Kona and islandwide, mahalo nui loa.

Alvin Auhana Akina


Time to dress up highway median

Now that paradise has been paved over with a four-lane highway between Kona town and the airport, wouldn’t it be lovely to have some grand landscaping? A row of oleanders in the center median would be quite attractive.

Actually, a center divide with some lovely palm trees would dress it up nicely as seen in many California towns. Just look at how nice the trees in the median look when going down Palani Road as you head downtown.

People come to Hawaii and expect nice foliage. Here, there is none, just rocks and weeds. You can go to many towns on the mainland, such as Cincinnati, Ohio, and find more flower decorations than Kona has. Don’t we want to impress our tourists?


Ted Johnson