Letters to the Editor: 8-28-18

More action needed on wastewater discharges from dairy

In response to your recent article, “Lane Washes Wastewater into O’okala Gulch,” it is time our elected officials take a stand for the people who elected them. I somehow knew that this was going to happen. More of the Big Island Dairy wastewater dumped into our gulches, streams, O’okala, and the ocean.


The “golly gee, we weren’t expecting this much rain” syndrome by Big Island Dairy is getting old. How much longer will we all have to put up with a business that consistently breaks the law, putting people in harms way and continues to get away with it?

There should be a cease-and-desist order until they can figure out how to run a dairy on this island. For the Big Island Dairy, it is profits before people. What can be done to stop this dairy operating? They consistently have been breaking the law, polluting our island, its aquifers, its streams, people’s homes, and the ocean.

If this isn’t just plain wrong, than what is? We are letting these people get away with breaking laws, time after time. We need you, our elected officials, to stand up and help the people who put you in the position of power to take action against the Big Island Dairy. It’s time somebody enforces the laws.

Golde Wallingford


Keep the state away from our tax revenues

I am troubled by the proposal by the State of Hawaii to take over our property taxes. Be advised that this is, no matter what logic or reasons they may present to you, another attempt by big government to get control of your taxes. If you vote to give the state your taxes instead of allowing the County of Hawaii to collect and distribute it, it will be taken from you and probably used in non-local locations which they deem appropriate, not you/us. Maybe even a rail system in Honolulu.

If the state controls our tax money, it will not only be lost from our island, our taxes will undoubtedly be raised — just because they can. You will have less control over your day-to-day activities and finances. That’s the way big government operates: they will only try to get more money from you and me. That’s how they function. You will not only lose control of your money, you will never see how it is used. Additionally, they’ll have to add more state employees to collect and distribute our precious money. Just another governmental employee we don’t need soaking up our tax money.

They will give you logical reasons for this change in procedure, but do not be fooled. It is just a ploy to get more control of you and I, the little guy. Just follow the money, folks. Don’t let them have access to our property taxes. It would only be the start of big government taking over all your taxes, spending it as they want, not us. Keep the state away from our tax revenues.

Barry Willis


Truly a class act

While I did not agree with all his policy positions, Sen. John McCain was an American war hero, POW, and the very rare politician who had a blend of integrity, conviction, compassion, and empathy. He was truly a class act.

On the flip side, our esteemed president who once called Sen. McCain a “dummy,” “incompetent,” and said Mr. McCain was definitely not a war hero because “he (the president) likes people who weren’t captured,” is most certainly not a class act. No, just an a—.

The juxtaposition of these two men and what we have lost honestly makes me a little sad both for myself and for our country. But hey, chin up! The stock market is doing great!

Eric Garrett


Keep Social Security, Medicare in mind when voting

Is an older person in your family or an older friend receiving Social Security or Medicare?

Might these programs be cut because of the growing federal deficit?

Remember that Social Security was begun under Franklin Roosevelt and Medicare was begun under Lyndon Johnson, both Democrats.

Which party will you support in November? Remember, it is very important that you do vote in this election.


Vivian Green

Waikoloa Village