Letters to the editor: 09-26-18

All opinions printed, even ‘frothing-at-the-mouth’ ones

After thinking about the “My Turn” piece in the Sept. 22 paper and remembering what Mark Twain said — “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference” — I decided I need to praise West Hawaii Today for their unbiased coverage of the current events in our country.


I will not attempt to clarify the record on the points the author of the piece made but I will point out that by publishing his opinion West Hawaii Today proved that the paper is indeed unbiased. I would also like to point out that by calling people names and maligning respected journalists and news organizations shows me that the author himself has, to quote him, “frothing-at-the-month opinions.”

Maybe a better way to express oneself would be to stop the name-calling and closed mindedness and have respectful and courteous discussions. We can agree to disagree but we need to do it in a civilized manner.

Charlie West


It’s not OK. Period

In the Ford/Kavanaugh situation, the real unspoken issue is whether or not it is OK to sexually assault another person. It is not.

It is not OK even if you are only 17 years old.

It is not OK even if you are drunk.

It is not OK even if she is drunk.

It is not OK even if you are rich.

It is not OK even if you are her boss or her potential boss.

It is not OK even if you are president.

Carol Williams


Flimsy accusations shouldn’t count as fact

I, like any other woman, take sexual assault seriously. When I heard that Christine Blasey Ford had accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault, I read and watched as information came out. I learned that Ford does not know where it happened, when it happened, and all those she has named as witnesses, say the incident did not happen.

In the midst of it all, a statement by our Senator and Judicial Committee member Mazie Hirono (D) is made, “men of this country and the men in this committee” need to “just shut up and step up.” Freedom of speech nixed, and sexism encouraged.

Now we have Deborah Ramirez. She only recently recalls it was Kavanaugh after six days with her Democratic lawyer. Though there are gaps in her story, because of the large volume of alcohol consumed, she is confident in her new recollections.

Stop the madness!

Barbara Ferraro

State Director


Concerned Women for America of Hawaii