Mazie Hirono’s poor representation of Hawaii

Mazie, I’ve watched you in your outspoken “fascist (look up the definition) resistance” rhetoric, which is much more than disappointing. Along with people like former attorney Gen Chun, you appear not have a clue about what it means to be a responsible part of a constitutional republic, constitutionally driven by the rule of law and the underpinning values of truth and justice. You appear happy to scoop up as many of the benefits the Unites States can offer while undermining the principles of one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. You are working fervently and diligently for the destruction of our republic and need to be called out for it. Hawaii’s leadership and representation must be better.

It is not the constitution or the rule of law, truth and justice that fails the citizens. Just like with the 1850 Constitution here in Hawaii it is the power-hungry elite and your greed for many selfish things that fails the people. In spite of your rhetoric, you are actually working against both men and woman and families and opportunity for all, apparently because you think you know better than the principles on which greatness was founded.


Certainly evil has crept into our nation as recently illustrated in the behavior of the FBI and Justice Department. And there is more for sure. The great thing is that it’s being uncovered. The only way to root it out is to expose it under the framework of our constitution and rule of law, which is our lifeline to freedom. Your deluded emotion is not anything like a lifeline to freedom. You too easily call good evil and evil good.

This is not a one-issue concern — there’s a long list. I’m for truth and justice where ever it leads. You, on the other hand, will gladly lead us to oppression and destruction.

I’m 30 years a citizen of Hawaii who believes our land is perpetuated in rightness, a former Marine, a hard worker and willing taxpayer.


It’s time to engage in diversity of rational healthy constitutionally based representation and thought here in Hawaii that at least suggest the truth and the principles of lawful justice for all.

Greg Gerard is a resident of Captain Cook.