Letters to the Editor: 10-09-18

Roadside relief not cool

Aloha Ironman organization. In all of the previous years, there were port-a-potties all along the course at least two weeks before the event for the athletes to use. There are none of them at this point, making the athletes use our island as a urinal. I don’t blame them, but what gives? Don’t tell me the “new” owners consider this a needless expense. I called the Ironman office for an explanation but never heard back. Not cool.


Doug Herkes


Waimea Nature Park board thanks students

Waimea Nature Park, Ulu La’au, was pleased with the community service project of the entire sixth grade class of Waimea Middle School on Friday, Oct. 5. The 87 students and seven teachers did some meaningful work including hauling many wheelbarrows of chips, cleaning out weeds and rubbish from the stream bed and weeding along the stream bank. Some also worked with volunteers on the Trail and Greenway trail, Ke Ala Kahawai O’ Waimea, clearing invasive plants and putting down chips on the trail.

These young children showed a level of maturity we all should be pleased with. It was hot, sweaty and dirty work, yet we heard no complaints and in fact they seemed happy to be contributing to the maintenance of their park and trail. We should be encouraged that this, the next generation, seemed to be willing to work hard and to contribute to their aina.

Waimea Nature Park is a project of Waimea Outdoor Circle and is developed and maintained solely by volunteers. Come be a part of our ohana. Work days are every other Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon. The next one is on Oct. 20.


Arlene Block

Waimea Nature Park board member