Galaxy Forum coming to Kahilu Town Hall

A special astronomy and science talk featuring speakers from Hawaii and international world-class observatories and Mayor Harry Kim will be held from 4:15-6:15 p.m. Nov. 7 at Kahilu Town Hall, behind Kahilu Theater, in Waimea. Sponsored by the International Lunar Observatory Association, the event will address “Astronomy From the Moon” and “Hawaii 21st Century Astrophysics.”

Guest speakers will include Kimo Pihana from Hawaii Cosmic Culture, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope’s Director Doug Simons, Deputy Director Jessica Dempsey with EAO/JCMT, International Lunar Observatory Association Director Steve Durst, Subaru/NAOJ Scientist Masato Onodera, W. M. Keck Observatory Manager of Observing Support Randy Campbell and Mayor Kim who will talk about transcending vision.

Sherry Bracken from LAVA 105.3 FM and KKOA 107.7 will moderate the event.

RSVP: Email or call 885-3474