Letters to the editor: 11-07-18

Stricter gun laws needed

Our nation is facing tragedy after tragedy due to mass shootings. There are shootings after shootings in the news. Lots of lives are lost to such tragic events that can be avoided. With stricter gun laws adults’, students’, and maybe even children’s lives would be saved. There have been more than 155 mass shootings in America and over 1,000 people dead, with many more who were injured. America needs more gun control and if it doesn’t change, more people will continue to lose people who they care for and love.


People are continuously affected by gun violence. Students in particular are affected by guns. Nearly 240 schools in America have reported at least one incident, including school related shootings. Students now are fearing that they’ll lose their lives and that is unacceptable. This is affecting the students. Their test scores go down after a school shooting has happened. This obviously doesn’t affect them only physically but mentally as well. PTSD is notable and can cause further damage to their brain.

Laws need to be created to stop the loss of lives. There is no need for the normal, everyday man or women to own a semi-automatic or fully automatic gun. It may feel like we’re trying to take away all guns, but that’s not the case. If we truly pick having guns over the children of tomorrow then we have far worse problems. The students, children, and even adults should matter more than anything that’s materialistic.

These semi-auto and fully-auto guns should be used by the military only. The normal everyday person has no need for these types of guns. With laws we can protect the ones we love. We shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of our children.

Kiana Lee-Kwai


We shouldn’t pay bill for lawbreakers

I read this morning about the rescue of 13 students from YWAM who trespassed onto private property and got into real trouble. The rescue involved 13 units, a helicopter and two medic teams.

Fire Chief Grace said this is the fourth rescue this year for YWAM and they had a fatality in 2014 in Waipio Valley. I think someone should address this climate of disregard for the law and respect of private property.

I hope they offer to pay for this as it ran up quite a bill, I imagine, and it isn’t the first time. We shouldn’t foot the bill for such lawlessness. Luckily, no one was killed this time, thank God.


Tom Pyne