WHT at 50: Governor queried on airport plans, revered kahuna passes away

  • Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1968 | Volume I, Issue XV

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1968 | Volume I, Issue XV



“Governor Queried On Keahole Plans”

By Jim Langdon

The controversy over the Keahole Airport alignments has intensified as the result of two new letters received by the governor’s office from Kona groups. Following the persistent lead of the Kona Civic Club, the Chamber of Commerce has now gone on record as opposed to the “new” North-South alignment, believed in the offing by the state. The other letter was sent by D’Arcy Rothwell on behalf of Kona area real estate agents and brokers.

With elections pau, Chamber President Walter Stuefloten anticipates a prompt explanation and reply from the state on positive plans for alignment, though two such earlier queries from Sidney Weinrich and the Kona Civic Club failed to prompt any “satisfactory” reply.

But should the state decide to go with the so-called north-south alignment that Civic Club, Chamber of Commerce and area realtors have gone on record as being detrimental to the best interests of Kona, then the possibility of an injunction looms as a last-ditch method of preventing the action, at least temporarily.

Meanwhile, Kona Council seat victor Sherwood Greenwell said the county “could participate in such a suit, or could support the action of those who did file” should the county feel that the selected alignment would be detrimental to Kona. The legislator said he would be in touch with mayor-elect Shunichi Kimura this week to explore the possibility of requesting a public hearing by the state on the alignment issue.

“‘Daddy’ Bray Dies”

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A colorful chapter of Hawaii’s ancient past was closed Nov. 11 with the death of Daddy Bray at the age of 79 at Kaiser Medical Center on Oahu following a long illness. David Kaonohiokala Bray was a widely known Hawaiian priest or kahuna, who retired to Kona and remained active in his profession in demand for ancient Hawaiian blessings at groundbreakings and other ceremonies.

“Pros Arrive At Mauna Kea”

By Irma Chillingworth

The first one-day pro-am golf tournament sponsored by the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel gets underway. The post-Hawaiian Open event is slated to be an annual competition for invited pros and a field of amateurs composed of members of the Mauna Kea Beach Golf Club and guests. Cash prizes for the pros and merchandise prizes for the amateurs exceeds $2,000.

“Up, Up and Away”

Standalone photo

Honokaa end David Pagan leaps for a pass, side by side with Konawaena halfback Albert Carter, who is blocked from view. The ball slipped through his fingers, however, as did the game, as Konawaena went on to win 20-19 in a come-from-behind victory at Julian R. Yates Field. The team, with a 2-5 record, next takes on Hawaii Preparatory Academy.


“Water Shortage Eyed”

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The lack of rain during October and early November has caused water to be rationed to some 20truck crop farmers, according to the state Department of Agriculture. The Hawaii County Board of Water Supply has also asked residents in Kohala and Hamakua to conserve water, however, no restrictions are in place.

Weekly deals:

At K. Taniguchi Super Markets (KTA Super Stores): Avondale hen turkeys, eight to 10 pounds, $0.39 per pound; corn-fed boneless pot roast, one pound for $0.73; Head & Shoulders creme shampoo, $0.99; Heinz baby strained food, eight cans for $0.95; and Royal macaroni, two pounds for $0.49.

At Oshima Store: Dole pink grapefruit and pineapple juice, three 46-ounce cans for $1; Maxwell House coffee, 2 pounds for $1.59; and a Sanyo transistor radio, 10 transistor, $31.88.

At Hilo Motors Ltd. (next to Sandy’s Drive-In): 1956 Chevrolet four-door sedan with six-cylinder engine and standard transmission for $188 and a 1965 V8 automatic Ford T-Bird convertible with power steering, brakes and windows for $1,895.

At Kamigaki Store: 360-count pack of Zee napkins for $0.79; Borden’s mayonnaise, one quart for $0.55; a half-gallon of Clorox bleach for $0.45 and Libby’s long sliced dill pickles, 12 ounces for $0.36.

Featured films:


At Kona Theatre: Nobuko Otowa in “Libido;” Jane Mansfield in “Single Room Furnished;” and Elvis Presley in “Stay Away Joe.”

At Aloha Theatre: “Tarzan And The Great River” starring Jon Murray and Mike Henry; “The Counterfeit Killer” with Shirley Knight and Jack Lord; and Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux in “Dark Of The Sun.”