Buzz in the air: Bees are back with the help of the Barnetts of Kapaau

Dawn and Mariah Barnett inspect their hives regularly for pests and diseases. (Photos by Diana Duff / Special to West Hawaii Today)
The Barnetts have built some unique features into their top frame hives.
Dawn is happy to show off a frame of bees from one of her healthy hives.
Newer top bar hives have trays of diatomaceous earth at the bottom to catch and kill beetles that attack the hives.
The Bee Divine logo conveys the beautiful and divine nature of honeybees.
Bee Divine has many products to offer including molded beeswax candles as well as honey and skin care products. (Photo courtesy /Dawn Barnett)

KAPAAU — Thanks to the small operations of beekeepers like Dawn Barnett and her daughter Mariah, Hawaii is having a small bee revival. New ways of maintaining hives and fighting the pests plaguing Hawaii’s bees have made it possible to maintain healthy hives using treatment free techniques.