Letters to the editor: 11-30-18

Hospital outstanding

The people of Kona are very fortunate to have access to the outstanding care offered at the Kona Community Hospital. I recently underwent a full knee replacement operation and was blown away by their kindness. Not only are the doctors and nurses exceptional at what they do, they also always do their best to make sure all of the patients are cared for in the best possible manner.


I am truly thankful for the care I received, and am now on my way to recovery at the age of 84 years old after having three major operations at the Kona Community Hospital.

Elaine Coats


Tax law not helping much at all

Is the Republican tax law meeting its goals? No, not much.

Job creation? No, the 1,000 largest public companies have eliminated nearly 140,000 jobs and created 73,000 jobs for a net loss of 67,000 jobs.

Higher wages? Not much, a typical worker at 1,000 big public companies received $225 more this year in a higher salary, a one-time bonus, or both, attributable to the tax law.

Growth to offset lost government revenue? No, tax revenues have declined so the federal budget deficit has increased by 17 percent from the prior year.

More investment? Not much, business spending on fixed investment rose by less than 1 percent (at an annual rate) in the third quarter of this year. (Source: Honolulu Star Advertiser.)


Vivian Green

Waikoloa Village