WHT at 50: Airport gets new fire truck and hales added at Kona Village Resort

  • The Kona Village Resort is seen in this undated photo. (WHT archives/Special to West Hawaii Today)

Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1968 | Volume I, Issue XVIII



Looking back at the microfilm for West Hawaii Today from 50 years ago, errors are sure to show up — from grammatical errors to misspellings to pages missing from the archive, the latter of which is the case for today’s WHT at 50 piece. Due to an error of some sorts 50 years ago, Page 1 of the Wednesday, Dec. 4, 1968, edition of West Hawaii Today does not appear on microfilm.

However, we managed to find one story “jumped” to the inside of the paper, with just a couple of paragraphs providing the following information: a construction company out of Maui was doing work at a village recently purchased by Signal Oil Company from Johnno Jackson in 1967 with landscaping by Wilburt Choi.

A search of WHT archives found Johnno Jackson was the original owner of Kona Village Resort in Kaupulehu. He sold the resort, which opened in 1966, to Signal Oil by 1967. In 1968, Signal Oil moved forward with the addition of 25 additional hales. Choi handled landscape installations for the resort as well as the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel.


“New Fire Truck Arrives At Kailua Airport”

No byline

Kailua Airport has acquired a new fire truck, especially designed for airport use, and geared to the particular conditions of Kona’s terrain. The four-wheel-drive, 28-foot truck weighs 17,000 pounds and has a capacity of 1,500 gallons of water, 150 gallons of foam and 500 pounds of dry chemicals. It is only the second of its kind in the state and a similar vehicle is scheduled for Kamuela Airport in 1969.

Weekly and holiday deals:

At K. Taniguchi Super Markets (KTA Super Stores): Hormel canned ham, 3-pound can for $2.79, 5-pound can for $4.49 and 10-pound can for $8.69; Hawaiian all-purpose flour, 5 pounds for $0.49; and Dubuque viennas, five 4-ounce cans for $0.99.

At Ben Franklin: Hat box style hair dryer, $10.88; battery-operated earphone transistor AM/FM radio with strap, $9.99; hand-held Sunbeam electric mixer, $9.66; and Old Spice gift sets, two 4.75 ounce jars for $3.25.

At Roy Onaka General Appliance &Furniture in Kealakekua: 23-inch Zenith Color TV, $619.95 with trade-in and a four-speed Monaurul Phono with built-in 45 rpm adapter, $22.95.

At Kamigaki Store: Hunt’s kidney beans; three 15.5-ounce cans for $0.49; C&H Sugar, 10 pounds for $1.25; Kellogg’s Pop Tarts, $0.53; and Crisco, 3 pounds for $0.89.

Featured films:


At Aloha Theatre: Elvis Presley and Donna Douglas starring in “Frankie &Johnny;” Tony Anthony and Dan Vadis in “The Stranger Returns;” “The Spirit is Willing” starring Vera Miles and Sid Caesar; and “Cimmaron” featuring Glenn Ford and Maria Schell.

At Kona Theatre: “Day Of The Evil Gun and “Viking Queen” starring Glenn Ford; “Carmen Baby;” and Yoshiko Kayama in “My Destiny.” For adults only, “The Wicked Die Slow” and “Blood Beast From Outer Space.”