Plant of the Month: Swan’s neck agave adds beauty and grows in variety of places

The inflorescence of the swan’s neck agave consists of flower buds as well as open greenish-yellow flowers followed by small round green fruit. (Photo courtesy /Wikipedia)
Like other agaves, the swan’s neck develops a supportive trunk as it matures. (Phot courtesy /
The leaves of the swan’s neck agave are soft and unarmed. (Photo courtesy /
When planted in a group the swan’s neck agave’s necks will often arch in the same direction. (Photo courtesy / Kim and Forest Starr)

The lovely arching inflorescence of the Agave attenuata can be spotted in many gardens in Kona this month. This attractive plant is native to Mexico and is now the most commonly grown agave in Hawaii. Beyond the beauty of its blooming raceme, the swan’s neck agave has many features to recommend it to Kona growers.