Letters to the editor: 01-11-19

Explain this to me, please

Just so I understand this correctly, we are opposing a telescope that could provide us with untapped information and knowledge for generations to come, yet we are going to allow a plastic bottling plant tap into the Maunakea aquifer, taking the water and polluting the planet with more plastic?


Not sure which is worse, selling our water for profit which belongs to all of us, or producing more plastic that we are so desperately trying to clean out of our oceans here at home? Honestly makes no sense to me. How this even became a consideration is beyond me.

Sue Johnson


Park employees made trip great

We just returned to the mainland from a wonderful week on the Big Island. I want to acknowledge all the community volunteers and the National Parks Service employees who are currently working without pay, for making our visit to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park such a positive experience.

After reading horror stories about conditions in the national parks in California, it was great to find clean facilities and helpful people who were caring for the park and its visitors.

A great big mahalo from the bottom of our hearts to all of them.

Eileen Hinds

Concord, Calif.

Article raised neighborhood awareness

Mahalo for your front page article on Jan. 7 about the 450-unit subdivision being proposed. It drew the attention of many residents of Pualani Estates and other area subdivisions because of the many adverse effects it will have on traffic and traffic safety, schools, and other important community resources if constructed according to plan.

Residents of Kona Vistas and Pualani Estates met with the developer late last year and voiced their strong concerns arising from the size of the proposed development, the absence of direct access to Highway 11, which will result in reliance on narrow residential streets in the Pualani Estates and Kona Vistas subdivisions for access to that highway, and other factors, none of which have apparently been addressed in the application that was filed on Jan. 8.

Comments to the Planning Department in opposition to the proposal are undoubtedly being prepared by many in the community, due in large part to your article, and I trust that they will be given serious consideration by our county officials.


Joel Gimpel