Old A rapist must serve 11 years

  • LAURA RUMINSKI/West Hawaii Today Tyron Sigrah looks back at his family after being sentenced in September.

KAILUA-KONA — An 18-year-old Kona teen will serve at least 11 years in prison for the 2016 rape of a woman at Old Kona Airport Park.

Tyron Sigrah pleaded guilty in 3rd Circuit Court on charges of first-degree sexual assault, second-degree assault, kidnapping and second-degree robbery. The teen was sentenced to a maximum of 20 years in September.


On Friday the Department of Public Safety released that the Hawaii Paroling Authority set Sigrah’s term limit at 11 years for first-degree sexual assault kidnapping, six years for second-degree robbery and three and half years for second-degree assault. The sentences are to be served concurrently.

The 18-year-old will be eligible for parole after 11 years.

Deputy Prosecutor Sheri Lawson said the state has always felt a concurrent sentence was appropriate because of his age.

However, “the state felt 20 years maximum sentence was an appropriate sentence,” she added.

On Friday, the victim in the assault said she was a little shocked at the term setting.

“I would’ve thought he would’ve got closer to the max,” the woman said, adding “but I’m not surprised. Other people would just think of him as a minor.”

It is not West Hawaii Today’s policy to release the names of sexual assault victims without their permission. However, the woman chose to speak to WHT on the record with the understanding the newspaper would not release her name.

The victim stated she was happy Sigrah was locked up, at least for now.

“I’m thankful for the justice,” she said.

Sigrah is one of two teens involved in the assault and rape of the woman on Sept. 3, 2016, on a soccer field at the county park, just north of the Kona Community Aquatics Center. Sigrah and Samuel Latrik were minors at the time of the incident.

Samuel Latrik pleaded guilty on Nov. 29 mid-trial after the victim took the stand and testified about the night of the assault.

He pleaded guilty as charged to five of the eight charges lodged against him by the Hawaii County Prosecutor’s Office. Charges included first-degree sexual assault, second-degree assault, kidnapping, third-degree sexual assault and third-degree attempted sexual assault.

The teen also pleaded no contest to terroristic threatening, first-degree sexual assault and robbery.

Latrik, 19, is scheduled to be sentenced Monday in 3rd Circuit Court before Judge Robert D.S. Kim.

As part of Sigrah’s plea agreement with the prosecutor’s office, the prosecutor would not make statements to the paroling authority during the time of minimum term setting, however, that didn’t preclude the victim from speaking.

The woman said the prosecutor’s office scheduled her to fly out the day before the hearing, which took place on Jan. 8. However, she was unable to be there in person as her flight to Oahu was delayed due to mechanical- and weather-related issues.

“I was really looking forward to speaking at the parole board,” the woman said. “They did allow me to be telephonic.”

The victim is aware people look at these two teens and see them as minors.

“But when I look at them, I see two psychopaths,” she said. “They’re dangerous people. Other people weren’t there having to live with what they did to me.”


The victim plans to be at Latrik’s sentencing and at the minimum term setting by the Hawaii Paroling Authority when that is scheduled.

“I would’ve rather have been there in person (for Sigrah) and I look forward to speak in person for the second boy,” the woman added.