Letters to the editor: 02-02-19

Time for a wall

If the wall does not work, why is there a wall around Obama’s house?


Trump got elected because the voters want the wall. The voters pay the bills and Congress should work for the voters. For 20 years Congress said they needed a wall, and they never passed it.

Many people want to come to the USA. They should clean up their own areas, not run to the USA.

Jim Koubelg


Pohoiki boat ramp not worth exploring

Having seen the new beach at Pohoiki just days ago, coupled with knowledge of Hawaii’s shores gained over 50 years of exploring them, I contend that it’s ludicrous to even consider reopening the boat ramp. The expanse of sand — that has filled in First and Second Bay both — was created by nature in a very deep and active ocean.

Yes, a million dollars could be spent on a feasibility study, but any formal study is absolutely not necessary.

Sarah Kay


Puakea Ranch true asset for island

I would like to comment on the extremely one-sided story regarding Puakea Ranch. I have been privileged to attended many events at this beautiful Kohala spot. The owners have been overwhelmingly generous in giving local people the kamaaina rate allowing everyone access to this magical place. Our very own Resource Center has had years of holding their annual fundraisers on the grounds with live music, auctions and yummy food. The guest houses were uninhabitable until Christie Cash transformed them into what they are today, paradise for the brides and grooms who come to celebrate love.

I can understand the concern with loud noise, but I can’t even see a house close enough to break the noise ordinance. Who is this person who cannot work with these owners? They bring jobs to our small community, they bring education to the visitors about the history of North Kohala, they take care of the land and the animals that live on the land, but mostly they allow love to bloom.

In doing some research on this I’ve found that Ms. Cash has been working with the appropriate government offices for more than two years and continues to make headway with very arduous and complicated requirements, including the historical division.

There is always a way for us humans to work together. Causing Puakea Ranch so much financial hardships hurts the whole community. Please get some facts from the other side of this conflict before you print hurtful and fact lacking information.


Catalina Cain

North Kohala