Harry Kim’s vision statement for Maunakea


Maunakea to be a symbol of the Native Hawaiian culture: past, present and future — a cultural and natural treasure. This is about the protection and preservation of the historical and cultural specialness of this land, the most precious and beautiful of places and its people.


A central theme of Maunakea should be of the Native Hawaiians’ exploration of the ocean to the discoveries of the universe. Hawaiians understood how the world was connected from the mountain to the sea. They explored the ocean and learned about the heavens to guide them. They believe that this majestic mountain is the earth’s connecting point to the rest of the universe. This is about the mountain being part of their soul. This is about the mountain bringing people together.

This is about what Maunakea can be for the world:

— Maunakea to be a symbol of nations working together for the pursuit of peace and harmony, a beacon of hope and discovery for the world. This is not just about science. It is about combining culture and science. It is about respect and caring. It is about a quest for knowledge that will make us a better people and better stewards of this world.

— Maunakea to be a symbol of Native Hawaiian heritage and the inseparability of nature and culture.

— Maunakea to be a recognition of a deeply painful history of intrusions on the First Nation of Hawaii, which today are reflected in issues such as Maunakea.

— Maunkea to be a symbol for the world of a cosmopolitan people (“people of the world”) where diversity is respected and celebrated.

— Maunakea to be a model of science and of culture going forward.

— Maunakea to be an opportunity for the gift of aloha to be presented to the world.


Convene a core group representing different interests and expertise to provide direction and guidance in developing the following initiatives.

Cultural Treasure

— Create a major cultural center and gathering place that will acknowledge the history of native Hawaiians.

— In the use of Maunakea, it should emphasize the inseparability of nature and culture and aim to be a center of excellence in that field.


— Recognize and preserve the qualities of Maunakea that make it a premier place to expand our knowledge of the universe.

— Explore with humility and respect, inviting and sharing knowledge across disciplines among all ages, educational levels, beliefs, and nationalities.


— Create educational programs that combine science and culture for nā keiki and na kupuna, not just for learning but for the sheer joy and excitement of discovery.

— Innovate with learning opportunities that increase the world’s awareness and understanding of Hawaiian history and values, established on a foundation of Hawaiian culture.

— Pursue the development of dynamic programs that stimulate careers in science and humanities.


— Review and reorganize management authority.

— Paramount to future management is involvement of the host culture. Beacon of hope for the world


— Be a model of how the people of the world can live together in harmony, to create a place for ho‘oponopono where people can come together to learn.

— Be a leader in national and international efforts to integrate culture and nature in heritage protection and interpretation, a status that establishes Maunakea as a monument of global significance.