Letters to the editor: 02-10-19

Immigration not apples to apples

Give me your welfare, your food stamps, Medicare, free lifestyle and sanctuary cities.


Once upon a time, refugees seeking entry into the United States had a job and relatives waiting for them. They were responsible. They did not try to sneak into the country illegally. They came through the proper channels.

Enough said!

Elizabeth Purse


Is this the new Democratic Party?

The Democrats newest wunderkind, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has just revealed her six-point “Green New Deal” program, which amongst other ridiculous ideas, includes the elimination of air travel. Our Sen. Mazie Hirono who already has suggested that all men “sit down and shut up” is silent herself on this insane proposal.

Hey, Mazie, any idea of what would happen to your beloved Hawaii if Ocasio-Cortez is successful and flights to Waikiki come to an end?

As a matter of fact, where are our other three emissaries to Washington, D.C.? They must approve, as I haven’t heard their push back either. Have you?

Ocasio-Cortez is running for president! Auwe!

Jim Higgins


A snake in the grass

Your photo and story about the corn snake in the Feb. 6 issue is very serious to Oahu!

I believe there are very serious consequences for anyone who introduces any snake to the beautiful islands because there are no predators to kill them here.

Look at the island of Guam as a very close example, where snakes have multiplied unchecked and have devastated much of the bird population.

An aggressive eradication program is very important as well as determining the origin of this snake.

This is coming from a very concerned visitor from Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Lou Geoffrion

Ipswich, Mass.

Time for some wall facts

On Feb. 2 Jim Koubelg wrote that is it time for the wall. Please come out of your Fox News bubble and learn these facts.

Trump did not get elected by the 3 million voters who did not want a wall. He got elected by the electoral college by only 70,000 voters in four states. That is only 17.5 votes per state. The majority of citizens did not want him or his wall. When the Republicans had control of all three branches of the government they did not pass legislation to build the wall because they knew the U.S. taxpayers did not support spending over $50 billion on a primitive wall. Also President Obama does not have a wall around his house, there was a fence there when he bought the property. Just another lie Fox viewers have been fed.

Maybe Fox News also has not reported that the drugs are being smuggled in through ports of entry. That is where our tax dollars should be going to improve security with modern X-ray equipment.

Perhaps Fox News is also not reporting (so how would you ever know, Jim) that most people who are here illegally enter through airports and just overstay their visas, perhaps like the many workers who Trump has been employing at his businesses for years, while he lectures other business people to use the e-verify system.

Come on Jim, please educate yourself before you embarrass yourself again. There is a reason that word ends with those last three letters.


Marian Hughes