My Turn: No sympathy for drunk drivers who kill

How many dead pedestrians and cyclists does it take to motivate immediate and permanent action by our legislators?

The recent killing of three pedestrians and severe injury of at least three more in Honolulu is unacceptable.


I am all for the Duterte solution. Yeah, take these drunks to the side of the road and violate their civil rights in a summary execution. After all, isn’t that equivalent to what they do to innocent people with their irresponsible decision to drink and drive drunk?

OK. OK. I probably would not advocate doing that when it comes right down to it. But enough is enough!

At the very least, when a drunk kills with a vehicle, that person should never, ever be allowed to have a license again anywhere in the U.S. There should be a national clearing house for license applicants. If they have caused the death or severe injury to any person ever because they drove drunk, they should be banned from ever driving again. If they drive anyway, without a license, they should be arrested on the spot and sent to prison for many years of hard labor.

Drunks, i.e. alcoholics, and social drinkers who kill should be stripped of their civil rights as citizens. They have proved that they do not wish to be a part of civil society. Sure, their life is often ruined as well. But not anywhere near as severely as the dead person’s.

So, what do we do about this blight upon society? We seek not only justice but also recompense.

When one kills a person or persons by drunk driving, that one should be forced into indentured service of those most affected by that death. The drunk should be made to toil for life to compensate the aggrieved kin of the dead person. Support for the survivors seems to me fair.

To you drunks out there: It is not all right or a redeemable offense to kill with your car. Nope. And be aware that the law is coming for you — soon. And your punishment will be swift and severe. No more second chances. No more excuses. No more bail. No more driving and killing. No more, “I am sorry, Your Honor.” That does not cut it any more.

Let’s see how you do on a chain gang in Georgia cleaning out the swamps or planting trees in California for some years.


Enough is enough, you killers!

Tom Beach is a resident of Waimea.