Letters to the editor: 03-03-19

Good timing (wink, wink)

It’s a good thing that Harry Kim made sure that everyone, including himself, got their big raise last year because it would probably not go over very well to hand them out now after raising our taxes and water rates.


Jill Faust


2 years long enough to learn

Council member terms should remain at two years and not extended to four years. To use the learning curve argument is not enough justification to change the current rule. A person in the private sector would most likely be fired if they couldn’t master a job within a reasonably short period of time.

No one should be prevented from running for office due to their lack of experience. That’s why most employers offer novice employees some form of on the job training. Should it be any different for newly elected officials?

How about the county team up with a local college to offer an on-site six-month evening course such as “Hawaii Council Member 101” or “Council Member Fundamentals?” Or something along those lines?

Although the county shouldn’t be directly responsible for a new councilperson’s competence (or incompetence) it shares some responsibility to ensure its “employees” are up to speed once on board. Providing educational or internship incentives might be helpful.

Keep the two-year standard in place! If nothing else, it creates two advantages. It’s the voters’ ace up their sleeve to vote incompetence out sooner than later and it gives newbie elected officials enough time to prove heir value to the community.


Likeke Bumanglag