Letters to the editor: 03-05-19

Quite the review

Yes, the Big Island has talent, with astoundingly spectacular live performances at the Aloha Theatre. The musical was unbelievable! Not just the vocals, choreography, orchestra music and ensemble, so well performed by all, but also the warmth, humor, and love expressed are sheer joy!


It featured a Milky Way of stars from the lead singers to the ensemble, et al. Yes, “Mamma Mia” is an incredibly delightful must-see. Truly. Thank you so much!

Margaret Casari Marceron


Lava bomb question

Did any of the passengers ask the captain, “I am afraid. Please move your vessel further offshore?”

If they didn’t, aren’t the passengers culpable?

Norma L. Puckett

Loveland, Ohio

Lawmakers missed the boat on bill

State lawmakers once again missed a golden opportunity to pass legislation for a new source of state revenue by not legalizing an adult use of cannabis bill during this session (Liberal Hawaii decides again not to legalize marijuana, WHT, March 1).

At a time when Hawaii residents are experiencing a barrage of new taxes and fees at every governmental level, the big squeeze is on. Our elected officials should be working to ease the burden.

Yet they use the lame excuse for inaction on concerns of a federal crackdown. This is despite the fact that 12 states have already legalized the herb during which time the feds have done nothing. Hawaii continues to languish while more states vote to soften the costs of operating government.

It is certain that Congress in the near future will pass legislation to leave it to the states to decide whether to legalize, thus rendering a crackdown mute.

The bottom line in this debate is that our legislators are more concerned about reelection chances in their liberal yet socially conservative districts than in putting the best interests of their constituency front and center. Tell your representative that you want to legalize now.

Andrea Tischler


You can’t take away all of Hamakua

The only right-of-way road, Ookala Road, that leads to the Humuula trail head of Humuula Forest has been taken away, even though it is still there.

Because of the tall, steep, sheer cliffs of Hamakua, na pali loa o Hamakua, we can only look at our great blue ocean, but we can turn around and touch our mauka ocean, our great green rain forests of Hamakua. We cannot be denied access to the forested uplands of Hamakua.


Everett Franco