Letters to the editor: 04-04-19

Ideas to ease traffic are out there

My wife drives from Kealia to Kealakekua each day to help the kids of Kona have good teeth. She has to allow 45 minutes to get to work. And many others drive more than that.


Most afternoons from Kamehameha III Road to Kailua-Kona is a parking lot on Highway 11. I marvel at how much pain and suffering the workers of Hawaii must endure while our roads become more and more of a horror story with all the stacks of new cars being sold.

Could it not be a temporary solution to stop issuing new auto licenses unless an old auto license is retired? That, at least, would stop the road strangulation to where it is now. And perhaps charge a $500 annual fee for a third car as most families now do need two vehicles to just get everything done. This fee could be ear-marked for roads.

Of course, if the county could better think ahead concerning our future road needs it would also be most helpful. Also the completion of the Alii Parkway could be a big plus for solving some of our traffic woes. Or soon we may have a need for portable toilets at each mile marker if traffic gets any slower during work hours.

Ken Smith


Government can’t force me to immunize

As a mother and grandmother, I am outraged that the government would force me, a U.S citizen, to put these drugs into my babies’ bodies. Before you force me to do any shots, please change the laws to reassure me that they are safe:

First, document all the infant deaths, such as SIDS, when and what shots they had on their death certificates for at least three years. Document if children experience reactions after the shots, such as allergies they didn’t have before.

Second, before you force me to give shots to my family, change laws to make pharmaceutical companies liable for any damages.

Third, strengthen laws to protect the parental rights and responsibilities to decide what goes into the minds and bodies of our children. We have learned not to trust the government with their past lies and failures. These are my children, I will not put these poisons into my family, but you are free to put them in your own family. If your children have been immunized, then they shouldn’t get infected by my children, right?

This is the ultimate control and power grab. Is this America or China? What’s next? Forced abortions?

Debbie Goddard

Ocean View

Tax game gamut

For many years I’ve had to put up with the faint pink (unreadable) box instructions on the Hawaii N-11 Income Tax Return forms. It is also annoying that the Hawaii Department of Taxation doesn’t provide me with preprinted estimated tax payment vouchers, as does the IRS.

But now I see that they will not provide 2018 N-11 forms and instructions booklets at Hawaii public libraries (“due to the cost of printing”). They suggest that I use the library computers (What? Print out a 56-page booklet at 25 cents per page?). Who in the Department of Taxation is responsible for these idiocies?


Burt Masters