Letters to the editor: 04-12-19

Let’s turn this administration around

Hats off to Mr. Barry Willis letter in WHT Tuesday. He is spot on. Please run for mayor, Mr. Willis, I will be your campaign manager, and you will win!


While they are replanting the bougainvillea on the side of the road, they can crush all that aa rock in the center divider, as previously planned, and paid for by you and I. Before they crush, let’s make sure that they also pick up all the trash that the aa rock has collected. The road from the airport into town looks like a Third World or worse in some locations.

Can’t somebody in our government call a sanitation truck to the corner of Palani Road and Queen Kaahumanu Highway to clean all that homeless garbage off the corner? We are not even being provided basic services from the Kim administration.

On another subject: Mass Transit. WHT reporter Max Dible covered the Chamber of Commerce lunch a few weeks ago, but neglected to print one of the biggest statements made by the woman who is now in charge of the County’s Mass Transit operation. She stated the ridership has dropped nearly 50 percent, from 1.2 million, down to 650,000.

Why don’t we do what Councilman Tim Richards stated back in October — shut it down? Except for essential services for handicapped and seniors, shut it down. Right size it, address the technology that allows cashless rides, maintenance centers on the West and the East sides, and a host of other required improvements to make Mass Transit something you want to do.

The right-sized buses need to go to the places that people want to go, during the times that they want to go, and it must be reliable, and on time. There is no excuse for anything less. And we are all paying more money, buying more buses, while ridership is down 50 percent. I repeat, down 50 percent, and you and I just spent a little over a million dollars renting buses across two months!

Wilson Pepper


No Styrofoam in action

So I went into KTA Waikoloa Tuesday to buy some groceries. While buying deli meat for my spoiled rotten Pomeranian, I decided to buy a spaghetti dinner. Lo and behold, it wasn’t in Styrofoam but in a cardboard recyclable container. Mahalo, KTA.

It’s only fitting as I wrote the no plastic bag law for then-councilman Pete Hoffmann. They said it would sink us into the ocean. Guess what? We are still here.

And I wrote the no-Styrofoam law for councilwoman Margaret Wille. It didn’t pass, but I hope the current law was based on it.

David Hirt

Waikoloa Village

Try and forget this lasting legacy

Mayor Kim will leave office with an impressive legacy. He promised that if elected mayor, he would not raise taxes.

Not only did he raise taxes, but he gave everyone including himself a raise. He threatened that if he did not raise taxes, that some services would have to be cut.

Well, he raised every kind of tax there is and we still get stuck with cuts in services such as the transfer station where the hours are on again, off again.


Jill Faust