Letters to the editor: 04-16-19

Social Security office needed in Kona

So, I needed to drop some papers off to Social Security here, since Hilo lost them, and I was amazed that in Kona we only have access to Social Security representatives twice a month!


People line up at 6:30 a.m. to see someone, Really? I went back twice but couldn’t see someone. Apparently, you only Skype to the representatives in Hilo and it’s a slow process and the computer does go down! And, they can’t accept everyone that shows up! How archaic is that!

Once again, it’s another example of West Hawaii not getting the services it needs. The representatives of the Big Island need to get their act together.

John Phillips


Some good news in the morning, please!

Once again, as every day, I open the morning paper to enjoy the local news with my morning coffee and within minutes I am nauseous. Why must the leading article on the front page celebrate in bold letters the criminals and lurid details of their crimes?

This is day after day. Why not start the day celebrating our accomplishments like the black hole discovery instead of relegating them to the inside pages. These are the stories that impact the whole island, not the celebration of violent crimes. I have canceled my subscription twice because of your toxic front page stories and I am going to cancel again until I can enjoy a cup of coffee with your paper.

Joyce O’Connor


Help enlighten us, WHT

It’s a surprise that WHT’s text font doesn’t seem to have an okina, or macron. Without it, how are we to pronounce words like the names proposed for fissure 8?

As of March 11, the board had received 15 proposed names from 13 applications. Submitted names are: Puu Leilani, Puuoailaau, Keahiluawalu O Pele, Puu Kupaianaha, Ahuailaau, Puu O Luku, Hanaiana, Enoho, Hou Hoomaka, Keahilapalapa, Kekohehoohenonohoikalaiopuna paiaalaikahala, Ke Ahi Enaena, Luana-Lani, Papalauahi, and Pohaha.

It would be enlightening for the names to be translated, too.


Niel Thomas