Letters to the editor: 05-11-19

Mahalo, nurses

This is National Nurses Week. I want to thank two nurses at North Hawaii, Meghan and Ali. They were very professional and fun. They treated me with respect and humor.


So good I almost was reluctant to leave. Thanks again, ladies.

Tom Pyne


Call charters what they are

Let’s be honest, charter schools were promoted by those who wanted to get a cut of tax dollars to make a profit and in the South to continue segregation. It is part of a philosophy to destroy “the commons” – i.e. the resources that should belong to the community, the reason the Founding Fathers called on us to “promote the general welfare” as the U.S. Constitution says we should.

I could not help but notice in the “My Turn” opinion piece on May 7 the writer seeks help from – you guessed it – the public. The state where the responsibility for our education system should remain as it has since the concept was developed two centuries ago as a key ingredient to maintaining a strong democracy.

The public and community must maintain control of our education system – not profit driven charter schools!

William Johnston


Another black eye for tourism

A tourist crosses barrier fence trespassing in a place that he didn’t belong and falls into Kilauea Crater. He landed on a ledge just below the rim instead of plummeting to the bottom where he would have been roasted beyond overcooked and well done.

Rescue personnel had to risk their lives to save this moron. Guess who gets to pay for this rescue? Is the county ever going to get reimbursed for this action? Probably not because that cost is figured in the budget that the local taxpayers are burdened with.

This person should spend some time behind bars for his blatant stupidity, but with the Hawaii judicial system, that will never happen. Once again, this is on national and probably international news, setting Hawaii tourism back another notch. Bad news travels fast and far.

This story should actually boost tourism because of the fact that the person was rescued by Hawaii’s brave and courageous responders, is alive and will endure no consequences for his action.

I wonder if they were able to retrieve has camera with his selfie going over the cliff? Probably not because it probably bounced into the bottom. With no camera proof, there goes his bragging rights.


Vicky Halquist