Letters to the editor: 05-15-19

More like island of ‘no hiking allowed’

Your headline article May 9 left me shaking my head. As you reported, the Hawaii Tourism Authority is changing their motto for the Big Island from “The Volcano Island” to “The Island of Endless Adventures.” Because the volcano is no longer erupting, tourism officials are pushing the idea that there are lots of other things to do here, such as “hiking, camping, and exploring.”


But as anyone who lives here knows, there are very few legal hikes or legal campgrounds on the Big Island outside of Volcano National Park. What the motto should be is “The Island of Endless No Trespassing Signs.” Anywhere you want to go — fugitaboutit!

Now, I would love it if the Tourism Authority would help to actually make the Big Island the island of endless adventures. Maybe they are the only ones with enough political pull to force the DLNR and the other parts of the state government to pay attention to the lack of public access to open spaces here. If they did that, I would not complain about the HTA’s $108 million yearly budget.

Matt Binder


Paper made Mother’s Day mistake

Your choice to publish an article on “Combating sex trafficking” on Mother’s Day as your page 1 headline leaves me speechless. Why did you bury the article on celebrating Mother’s Day on page 6?

Laura Ruminski’s article was so touching and celebrated her role as a mom. Ms. Ruminski’s article would have been a much better selection for the headline on page 1, rather than your article on sex trafficking. I totally agree with the statement as the article on sex trafficking continued on page 7 with the quote “Things that didn’t use to be OK is suddenly OK. I truly believe it’s a moral issue. I see it as a moral decay.” Enough said about your choice for headlines on Mother’s Day.

Karen Klemme


Don’t punish those trying to make a difference

I was very disappointed to read the free Thursday night dinner at Kailua Pier might be shut down by DOBOR. The state and county all want to do something to aid the poor and homeless, and here are the Santiagos actually doing something to help the hungry one night a week.

Perhaps the location is not the best, what with all the activities that already take place there. But what if the county offered Hale Halawai or the Makaeo Pavilion for use once a week for free or a reduced fee? Both are large, indoor facilities with kitchens. Maybe that would be a better solution.

Elizabeth Poire


On random acts of kindness

Good for the student body council members at Honokaa Elementary School. You have it right. Go viral worldwide with RAK for schools!

Kindness is not only the right thing to use but is essential for positive living. I’m proud of you girls. “Try a little kindness” by Glen Campbell could be your theme song.

Carol Ann Miles


Twisting AOC’s words

It’s easy to win arguments if you distort statements.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been quoted as saying, “Republicans amended the Constitution to prevent anyone from serving over two terms as president.” This is exactly what she said.

It’s posted on video on the congressional website. WHT columnist Mikie Kerr, (and other Rethugs), have misquoted this statement to fit whatever argument they want to win and distort at the moment.

A look through the last 40 years of history shows that while Republicans are in power they inflate the national debt by reckless spending, endless war and lowering taxes. This forces Dems, when they are in power, to raise taxes to pay for all of the horrendous economic decisions and kowtowing to the very wealthy of the US. i.e. 2008’s economic flop and the money that had to be spent for saving our country.

By the way. Republicans made the amendment to limit presidential terms in the late 1940s. Everyone agrees with it! This is when both parties wanted our whole country to prosper.


Dan McRoberts