Letters to the editor: 05-22-19

License article helpful

Thank you for printing “Follow these rules” May 20, outlining the documents needed to renew Hawaii County driver’s licenses.


These rules are required by the federal government, not the county or state. Many people have written in the past that these rules were local or state, not federal. This article should clear up those misconceptions and make it easier to bring the proper documents at time of renewal.

Roger Farnsworth


Helpful, yes, but one more question

Thank you for your story on the Gold Star driver’s licenses, May 20, page 6B.

It is a story that needs to be told over and over since I am sure there is bound to be someone who will be surprised one day after Oct. 1, 2020, when they try to board a plane and cannot do so. In fact, if airlines have not already started to add some information about the requirements, they might think about doing so.

I would like for the reporter, Stephanie Salmons, to see if she can check on something else I have been told that has to do with renewing Gold Star licenses.

As I understand, it we are going to have to show all our identification each time we renew. Surely this cannot be true since the documentation was shown when the original Gold Star license was applied for and issued and should be on file with whomever is collecting it.

I hope this is incorrect since Hawaii state law issues driver’s licenses for only two years once a person reaches 72 years of age. It seems to me this could be something that could be done by mail.

A person of any age needs to notify the licensing department if something changes in their life, an address or name change, but showing all the other information is totally redundant and seems to me to be unnecessary.

Susan Wehren


Magics stagnant — no kidding

I am a resident homeowner in the area near Magic Sands Beach Park. I walk to the park several times a week and use the beach and the cove for swimming. I have to say I am always infuriated to see the neglect of the heiau area south of the beach area. The decaying temporary fencing and rotting blue plastic buckets are an eyesore and an embarrassment.

At minimum, landscape maintenance should be provided, install some sort of culturally appropriate and ascetically pleasing fencing for the heiau area with some interpretive signs, and the parking lot should be reopened until a new plan is ready to be implemented. The community should not have to wait through two years of concrete barriers and neglect with no end in sight.

Why is the county ignoring this place of beauty and cultural place of importance? Where is the leadership?


Liz Lees