Letters to the editor: 05-31-19

Roads littered with bally fools

I have found that I drive safer and slower if I always use my car’s cruise control when it is safe to do so. On this island and I expect everywhere on this planet, if one drives at the speed limit one will many times have a dangerous tailgater behind him or her.


I have two solutions to this: Drive at 5 mph over the speed limit and if that does not work pull over when it is safe to do so and let the bally idiot go by. Never, never, never brake check someone because they could lose control and possibly slam head on into an oncoming vehicle, an unintended consequence. Either that or you have a road rager on your tail who will want their own kind of justice vented on you and cause dangerous conditions for all around them.

I have on too many occasions while driving on this island had a bally idiot behind me trying to get around me, and other cars, illegally. Many times this is because of distracted driving from someone up ahead not paying attention and their vehicle has slowed down considerably going up an inclined section of road, making some drivers very impatient to get ahead. I would love to see signs on our major roads asking drivers to safely use their cruise control in order to maintain a constant speed.

I used to take the upper highway from Waimea to Kona before the Queen Kaahumanu Highway was widened to the Kona airport, but no more, as there are too many bally idiots trying to get around me over the single and double yellow lines, especially using under-powered vehicles.

Maybe if that young man from Waimea had been using his cruise control he would not have been tempted to illegally overtake several cars and crash head on into firefighter David Mahon on his motorcycle. Now two families have to deal with the aftermath of the stupidity of impatience.

Colin Luck

Waikoloa Village

Councilors helped west side golfers

Thank you, council members Rebecca Villegas and Karen Eoff, for the $250,000 in vouchers for the West Hawaii golf program.

On May 9, there was a front page article in West Hawaii Today about the Hilo Municipal Golf Course needing an additional $180,000 to improve their golf course.

The finance director stated that the Hilo course gets a subsidy of $580,000 a year but this year they needed an additional $180,000. That’s a total of $760,000.

On May 22, Bill 30 included in the 2019-20 budge for $250,000 for vouchers for West Hawaii golfers passed unanimously by the County Council. These funds will help level the playing field in our community for our local golfers.

I would like to thank Councilwoman Villegas for introducing the amendment for the West Hawaii golf program. I would also like to thank Councilwoman Eoff for her communication with me regarding this issue and working with Villegas.

I would also like to thank members of our golfing community for attending and testifying in front of the County Council. I believe it made a huge difference.


Joel Cooperson