Letters to the editor: 06-11-19

Pot calling kettle black

I just read Mr. Paul Santos’ condemnation of Pat Hall. Mr. Santos, it sounds as if you have done exactly what you are condemning, you moved from Oahu to Ocean View because you could not afford it there and your ridiculous solution is to tax the rich to make it more affordable for you — really?


Who do you consider rich? People who can pay their bills and live comfortably? Just because you were born on Oahu doesn’t mean you are owed anything. Mr. Santos, I hear Kansas City is a good and cheap place to live, lots of jobs, inexpensive housing, maybe you should go check it out.

Tombo Lono


Earth-friendly switch

Big mahalo to KTA Waikoloa. They have made the switch away from polystyrene Styrofoam containers. Big Mahalo, KTA.

David Hirt

Waikoloa Village

Charter amendments benefit the established decision-makers

The County Charter Commission has now published its proposed charter amendments to be submitted for County Council review and subsequent approval by the Hawaii County electorate.

What a disappointment!

The 21 proposed amendments are a hodge-podge of charter word-smithing and housekeeping modifications. Plus five amendments designed to further entrench the political elite of Hawaii County and weaken the controls mandated by Hawaii County voters:

CA-8: extends County Council terms to four years so elected representatives are less accountable to voters.

CA-9, CA-17 and CA-18: permit funds that were specifically dedicated to open space land acquisition by the county voters to now be used for Civil Service salaries — controlled by the Finance Department. And it creates another unallocated reserve for “emergencies,” including “operational expenses!” Another reserve of funds for Civil Service salaries.

CA-28: removes the bipartisan control requirements for county appointed boards and commissions.

The purpose of the County Charter Commission is to address and correct the structural weaknesses of the County Charter. Predictably, the commission has been compromised by the political elite to further entrench themselves and their own interests.


Kenneth Beilstein