Letters to the editor: 06-12-19

Parole given too easily

Once again it is business as usual for Hawaii Paroling Authority as James Fuller Abernethy was released from prison early.


He acted as judge, jury and executioner for the fatal stabbing of his sister-in-law, 57-year-old Victoria “Vicky” Vickers, on Aug. 12, 2008. He gets to go free after serving half of a light sentence while Victoria can never be set free.

Jill Faust


Another unwarranted probation

To the judge who gave a convicted child molester probation, are you kidding me?!

You are definitely in the wrong job if you think it’s right. You should step down now!

We need judges who care about the victims and think ahead about the permanent damage that’s been done. Years of therapy for that child through no fault of her own. Everyone I’ve talked to is outraged.

I noticed your name wasn’t in the paper. Aren’t you proud of yourself? I’m sure your family isn’t. I hope the rest of your life you have many sleepless nights.

Haley Harris


Village needs another road

The article on the Saddle Road Waikoloa extension being still in works after two years says that the state DOT is still seeking federal funding and that the environmental impact statement is considering three routes.

One would directly connect to the Queen Kaahumanu Highway. The other two would intersect Waikoloa Road 2 miles up from Queen Kaahumanu and or at another spot up from the highway. The article goes on to say “and in addition to helping get traffic across the island, Kim said the extension would also accommodate growth in Waikoloa Village, both as an alternative route for residents to travel east and west as well as a ‘very long sought after escape route.’”

At numerous town hall meetings I have attended back to the time of the mayor’s first term, we the people have been asking for another way in and out of Waikoloa Village other than Waikoloa Road. The Daniel K. Inouye Highway does not provide that in any form.

During mayor Kim’s first term while discussing the expansion of the Village I asked, “Why does the county not require developers to pay for infrastructure before development?”

I was told that back in the day when this land was sold that the county did not put in that requirement, therefore the county cannot require that of developers.

We have been asking about another way in and out of the Village repeatedly and have been repeatedly told by the county there is no money. The Village population has doubled since I have lived here beginning in 1993, so has the county’s revenues from property taxes. This is a fire-prone area often subject to high winds.

The Daniel K. Inouye Highway extension, if it connects directly to the highway, would help alleviate the traffic on Waikoloa Road. If it connects to Waikoloa Road 2 miles mauka of the highway, causing an eventual bottleneck at the heliport, why waste the money?

Again, the statement that it will provide the 6,000 residents of Waikoloa Village an alternative way out of the village is completely untrue.


Leslie M. Iijima