Letters to the editor: 06-30-19

Piece of history recently passed

About a month ago, an obituary was printed in West Hawaii Today for Takeshi Kudo of Captain Cook. He was identified as a World War II veteran and general manager of the Kona Farmers Co-op.


A phone call to the mortuary verified that this gentleman had also been State Rep. Take Kudo, the very first person to represent Kona in the Legislature after statehood. He went on to serve the people of West Hawaii honorably for four terms.

Statehood was 1959, so a little bit of history died with Take when he passed. The mortuary explained that he was a humble man, and that is why there was no mention in the obituary of his political accomplishments. But since he must have been one of the last survivors among statehood’s founding fathers, it seems that the community should be reminded of his legacy, and those who knew him well might want to share their memories of him.

Andy Levin


Hoping TMT sides come together

Thank you for your article and clarifications regarding the removal of ahu on Maunakea. I have followed the TMT controversy closely over the years, including most contested hearings, in an effort to understand both pros and cons.

While many testimonies from the vocal minority opposing TMT were heartfelt and emotionally charged, some also displayed a hostile behavior, no desire for compromises or the ability to suggest solutions which could benefit all involved. The latest events illustrate this all-out-war attitude, which will not benefit any of us.

The TMT is not a new resort or big-box store but rather an extraordinary project. It should unite us and not divide us. Personally over the years, the project has allowed me to learn more about Hawaiian culture as well as science and astronomy.

We often identify with traditions and beliefs tied to our family history or place of birth but these should not divide us further as humankind or take precedence over moving forward to a brighter future. I hope both parties can keep an open mind leading toward solutions acceptable to all and a better understanding of each other. The last thing we need is more wars, especially at the heart of our community. What we do need is better education and more opportunities for future generations.


Isabelle De Groote