Letters to the editor: 07-06-19

K-Mart building would make great shelter

Kelley Drysdale wrote a fine column as seen in the July 1 Opinion section on all sorts of things like the never-to-happen Alii Corridor, etc.


In it she mentions the relationship of the county with the Queen Liliuokalani trust and creating a homeless shelter out of the “almost defunct International Market Place.” Lets add to her list the K-Mart building. Boy would that make a heck of a shelter for the homeless. Just think of the possibilities there.

The needed facilities are pretty much in place. All that is needed is for it to be cubicalized and a few other entities added like showers etc and it could be open house, just come on in and stake a claim and for recreation there is the movie house to offer solace to those needing to rest easy during their stay. Consider it a trade of where we the taxpayer gave the QLT the courthouse building for nothing so the least the trust could do is reciprocate by donating that K-Mart building to be used as a homeless shelter.

Hugo von Platen Luder


Michelle Obama in 2020

Michelle Obama should be president of the United States. She should run for the office. She is the absolute best and most viable candidate possible.

She doesn’t want the attention or the money or the power. She wants to be with her family and do her work nearly unseen.

She is known. She is known as a smart, honest, aggressive person who does not take any bullying from anyone. Period.

She stands for the right things. We have seen what she stands for. She is a good person. The best person to be president.

And she could and would win in the primaries and in the general election.

But, she is also a wife and mother. I can not say those should not be her first priorities. But her nation needs her more than ever.

Is there any doubt in your minds that Michelle Obama would make a very good president?

Michele is a decent human being of compassion. Can you say that of our current resident in the White House?


Tom Beach