Plant of the Month for July – Ulu

  • ‘Ulu quilt from – “The beautiful foliage and fruit of the ‘ulu tree have inspired many quilters. (Courtesy photo/

  • The large, deeply lobed leaves of the ulu tree add to its beauty. (Courtesy photos/Diana Duff)

  • Ulu fruits often have streaks of sap on them. When the sap darkens the fruit is ready to pick and eat.

  • This grouping of ulu trees is highly productive at 1,200 elevation. (Diana Duff/Special to West Hawaii Today)

The breadfruit tree, known in Hawaii as ulu, is an excellent choice for a landscape at elevations over 500 feet. It is a lovely large tree that provides an important food crop as well as shade and beauty for your property. Brought here by the Polynesians centuries ago, Hawaiians used its wood for construction, its sap for adhesives and medicines and they burned the dried catkins to repel insects. This multi-use tree is worth planting wherever space allows.