Letters to the editor: 08-04-19

Leader needed in unbiased TMT negotiations

Peter Boynton is certainly on the right track. His My Turn writing in Thursday’s paper makes so much sense, it’s exactly what I’ve been discussing with people in conversations regarding this TMT issue: It is definitely not a one or the other case. There has to be a compromise.


Through my discussions it seems as the biggest challenge in all of this is putting together the group of people who will represent the state in all of this. Ige won’t do it, Harry Kim can’t do it, so then it becomes a question of is it UH, is it DLNR, is it TMT? How can anyone work toward a meaningful solution if you cannot identify the negotiating parties? Who (with no vested interest) is going to coordinate the negotiations to keep it on track and moving forward to a agreement in a timely fashion?

Somebody needs to put their heads together and get some real negotiations going — the courts have spoken and the construction is past due to begin.

The TMT protesters/protectors need to acknowledge the value that TMT offers while the rest of us acknowledge the cultural significance and sacredness that Maunakea has for the Hawaiian people.

Tricia Kezeli

Captain Cook

Letters got to the TMT point

I just wanted to thank you for printing the letters from Matt Binder and Burt Masters on Aug. 1 as they so eloquently point out the major flaw in the anti-TMT argument: They are picking on the wrong target.

I reposted them on my Facebook page, deleting the names of the authors in case they didn’t need the extra publicity. Especially with Matt Binder’s letter, it was as if he summarized what I’ve been saying in private for the last few weeks. Thank you.

Thomas Pinkert


Mountain needs less, not more

To our state government, the TMT mess has been going on for long enough.

You say, but we won’t hold our breath, the three or four telescopes will be torn down when the TMT is built out, but if you really want to prove you can be believed, you need to tear them down first.

I’m willing to bet all the opponents of the TMT are willing to compromise. What makes anyone think it’s OK to destroy our beautiful mountain with more and more of anything?

Get a conscious and think about what’s good for everyone, not just the few who will benefit financially.


Haley Harris