Trial set for 3 Waiki accomplices

This image captured from video on Facebook shows the moment Special Response Team members pull Jorge Pagan-Torres, the alleged driver of a vehicle that was carrying Krystle Ferreira, Malia Lajala, Jamie Jason and suspected cop killer Justin Waiki. Police said Waiki was killed after firing shots that struck an SRT sergeant when the vehicle was being searched at a checkpoint established amid the manhunt for Waiki. (Photo via Facebook/Special to West Hawaii Today)
Justin Waiki
Mokihana Veincent
Kyle Brende
Taumi Carr
Jamie Jason
Malia Lajala
Krystle Ferreira
Jorge Pagan-Torres

From left, Malia Lajala, Krystle Ferreira and Jorge Pagan Torres.

KAILUA-KONA — Jury trial for three of the defendants accusing of aiding suspected cop killer Justin Waiki is set to get underway next month.