Letters to the editor: 08-10-19

Letter to mayor on how majority feel

The protesters are getting most of the publicity but here’s how the rest of us feel. The rest of us being the law abiding majority who pay taxes and go to work every day to support our families:


It’s time to get these lawbreaking bullies off the mountain. You were elected to uphold the laws of the county and state you represent. Is it now the message we wish to convey from Hawaii to the rest of the world, that here we only adhere to the laws that suit us?

The TMT went through a judicial process. Hawaii is part of the United States. In the United States we can argue using the judicial process but once a legal verdict is rendered we are all bound to live by the rule of law. To act otherwise is akin to anarchy.

So what we have at the entrance to Maunakea are law-breakers who are now given the authority by you to decide not only the fate of the TMT but which of the law-abiding workers employed at the existing telescopes is allowed access to perform their jobs.

I submit you’ve given license to the inmates to run the asylum. No doubt there will be political fallout from doing your job, but the majority of your constituents — native Hawaiian or otherwise — do not support the fringe radicals that have now garnered international attention by using false propaganda to further their beliefs.

What a blow to the image of Hawaii this has created. The county was already suffering economically. What will happen when the TMT goes elsewhere? What will happen if Keck starts reconsidering its investment on our island? What happens to all the employees and businesses that benefit from our scientific community? What about all the lost tax revenue from income and other sources? What about the scientific learning opportunities for our children lost? What about all the potential local job creation lost? Why is no one focused on these issues and all the other ancillary benefits to both the Hawaiian people and all of Hawaii?

The blow to our image alone will discourage future economic investment. The management and resolution of the TMT conflict will affect our island for decades. I hope that you will work actively to achieve a resolution that our island can be proud of. The world is watching.

Karl Delaney


About that Mass Transit award

I have plenty of time to think about our errors as I sit in traffic jams caused by road work.

I know firsthand how few people are even aware of the Hele On Waimea Shuttle. It is run using poorly marked Robert’s tour buses, stops at unmarked spots to pick up and drop off, and has an erratic schedule because they, too, must sit for unpredictable amounts of time in the same road work traffic.

What a surprise to read that the county has won an award for its excellent Mass Transit plan! (WHT, Aug. 8).

I have read the conclusions, am delighted to know that someone at the county understands the problem and has a plan for making things better, and now urge our representatives to fund the proposed programs.

We deserve better!

Judy Howard


What’s up with Kahaluu

What’s with the chopping down of the coconut trees at Kahaluu Beach Park again? Plus, leaving the stumps in place — very attractive — and not at least replacing those trees that have been taken out with younger something or another?

Where are the supposed friends of Kahaluu? Auwae, too much pilikia, all same as Laaloa Magic Sands.


Hugo von Platen Luder