Letters to the editor: 09-04-19

Protest bank instead

Instead of protesting the TMT and blocking access to workers, why aren’t Hawaiians protesting and blocking access to the Bank of America? The article in Tuesday’s paper stated that the BoA did not follow through on the promise of $150 million for mortgages for homes on Hawaiian Home Lands.


It seems to me that is of immediate and critical importance since elderly Hawaiians are dying before qualifying for a home loan. Just sayin’.

Sharon Smockhoffmann


Quote still rings true

Ms. Oconner’s letter of Sept. 3 to WHT about the plight of our schools and the burden to dedicated teachers reminded me of the 1973 comment by Terry Herndon, the executive secretary of the National Education Association. It is as cogent and prescient today as it was nearly a half century ago.

“I look forward to the day when the schools automatically receive the funds they need and the Pentagon holds bake sales to buy tanks.”

Mike Reimer

Denver, Colo.

AC units seem expensive

I hope you had a good Labor Day weekend, for those who are, actually, fortunate enough to even have a day off.

Unemployment is down because many people are forced to hold two jobs! But, that’s a different issue.

This letter is in regards to WHT’s front page article, and a letter to the editor re: air conditioning for our keiki.

The article states that four years ago, $100 million was appropriated for air conditioning. That resulted in 1,300 units being purchased and installed. Great!

But that comes out to, if my math serves correctly, $76,923, per unit! For $100 million, new air conditioned schools could be built, it seems.


Roy Crytser