Letters to the editor: 10-10-19

Politician’s voice is step forward

As a reader of the WHT news article “Mostly mum on Maunalea” that appeared Oct. 5, I felt refreshed after reading it.


Rep. David Tarnas expressed his personal opinion from mind and heart about the TMT controversy.

That was heartwarming to me since most stalemate responses are affected by personal pride or self-interest. Many online readers of the article took the opportunity to vent personal gripes against responsible officials and the dissenting protesters. Rep. Tarnas has expressed himself to the interviewing author honestly and succinctly.

From what Mr. Tarnas had said, I surmise that adjudication has not resolved basic issues and grievances. Instead litigated decisions have compounded the controversy and divided the hearts of many people. Mr. Tarnas probably feels people could be open minded and kind-hearted instead of barking divisive convictions. Mr. Tarnas has shown courage in positive thinking.

I can understand why the other three legislators on the leeward side declined to be interviewed.

I would suppose that to be politically neutral on the TMT would be a difficult or complicated stance to take.

Personally I would like to read more articles by inquisitive journalists and willing participants to be informative. For now, I applaud Ms. Pitts and Mr. Tarnas.

Harold Murata


Keep on writing, Ken

I fully support WHT for the continued inclusion of Ken Obenski’s column, especially when it speaks of the actions of the current president. I’d like to thank him for his coverage of the statements, actions, and accusations that should instill discomfort, if not horror, in every American citizen. When the people become apathetic to such blatant misuse of power, without question, we are all complicit.

Respectful political discussion is now nearly impossible. Thanks to Mr. Trump, we are now immune to name-calling, bullying, mockery, and disrespect of the free press. When did we become tolerant of a president telling elected American citizens with dissenting views on how to make a better America to “go back to the crime-infested places from which you came?” When did it become OK for the president to distrust this nation’s intelligence departments and solicit the help of a foreign country to investigate a political rival for his own benefit? When did it become OK for a president to label a brave whistleblower “treasonous?” There is so much more, and we know it.

I’d like to end this letter with a shrug and a “go figure.” I can’t figure it though; not any of it.

We need Ken Obenski more than ever. Keep writing and reminding, Mr. Obenski. You are appreciated.


Colleen Gallo