Letters to the editor: 10-20-19

Halloween house shines in Waimea

Super Cop is at it again, this time it’s Halloween: Brad Feliciano has patiently decorated his house for the kids of the neighborhood.


I think he is part warlock or wizard because he can fly up to his roof line and put on all those beautiful lights. The roof line, the lanai and front porch are so beautifully decorated, even his fence, it makes the house come alive at night. I enjoy looking at his house each night and will be a little sad when Halloween is over.

We all know it’s for the kids, but adults can enjoy Brad’s house too. Big kids and little kids of the neighborhood, take a walk at night and enjoy Brad Feliciano and Lorna’s Halloween House. Thank you Brad, you do an excellent job and it is much appreciated.

Marie Uchida

Lualai subdivision, Waimea

We’re all at fault in recycling bust

I am a longtime recycler. I recycle everything I can. Yes, I’m very upset our county will not be accepting anything more than glass and corrugated cardboard.

I find Hawaii County negligent in two things. One, not properly training the populace on correct recycling practices. Second, pretending all this time that those bins of rubbish were being recycled! There is no way anyone was buying bins of rubbish.

The rest, my fellow residents, is squarely on our shoulders. When you recycled in the past year did you ever look at what was in the bin? Did you ever read what was and was not accepted? First and foremost, no plastic bags of any kind. I’d say 80% of our local recyclers threw in their stuff in a plastic bag. Then garbage of every kind, dirty food containers, and tons of clam shells. (These are the plastic containers that lettuce, berries, and so many Costco and grocery store things come in. They were not recyclable.

So, if we wanted to believe all that garbage was being recycled, then we were at fault. If the county didn’t step up to train us, or if worse we’ve been lied to about if it was recycled, then it’s on the county.

My take is that we are all at fault. If you care, use less, learn the facts, do something to make it better.

I returned today to recycle only glass. The glass bin had many items in it that were not glass. While there I encountered a nicely dressed man in a BMW who was “recycling.” I watched for a moment as he threw in unacceptable items. I nicely said, “Do you know they don’t take that any more?” He said, “whatever.”

Then I watched as he left a full garbage bag of unrecyclable items on the ground. If we continue this behavior soon glass and cardboard will not be accepted either. I suggest the county place a bin for rubbish in the recycle area for those too lazy to go to the actual dropoff site.

I have all sorts of ideas if anyone is interested. I’m sure others do too, but it takes commitment. Are you in?


Debi McGuire