Letters to the editor: 11-07-19

Mr. Presler? Oh, please

“Clean-up activist,” really?


Since when has cleaning up our “back yard” become a political event? This is now way too much.

Ron Nathan


Cessation of plastic recycling can happen

Surely, I’m not the only one who saw the most recent 60 Minutes segment about the brilliant solution developed in the UK of converting recycled plastic to paving asphalt for roads.

The model road on a British estate has been in place for 10 years and has proved weather tough and durable. Another entrepreneur is implementing the technology in California. Hopefully smart entrepreneurs and powers that be are taking note here in Hawaii.

Meanwhile, the impetus is there to use minimal plastic as possible. Don’t take straws and plastic caps for take away drinks, avoid plastic containers when other options are available. Recycle glass containers by reusing them as storage containers. Plastic water bottles are the worse offenders.

I just returned from a vacation embracing three major national parks and was greatly impressed how the cafeterias use only compostable “plastic” utensils, plates and cups made from corn fiber. If we don’t buy takeout foods or pre-packaged foods because they are in plastic, then the providers will make a better environmentally conscious choice.


Thalia Naidu