Letters to the editor: 11-10-19

Small recycling option

I called the Hawaii Island Humane Society and they said they would accept newspapers. Since there are multiple locations, it is one answer. I will make my first delivery next week.


Jim Johnson


Artistic touch gives us our own style

Driving through town today, I noticed that they are working on a new mural on the wall below Firestone. Wonderful! We need more of that all through town. How about murals on all the bare walls throughout Kona?

Walls that could be painted in bright colors — something to distinct us from California and other places. Bright colors, Hawaiian motives and all that. Let’s do something to make this town look different from all the others on the mainland and keep our local artists occupied!

Christa Wagner


Plaza parking tickets egregious

I recently met a friend for lunch at Island Lava Java, parking my car where I have parked on numerous occasions without incident when visiting this popular shopping and dining area on Alii Drive.

When I returned to my car, I noticed an envelope on my car windshield containing a “Parking Payment Notice” indicating that I had exceeded the two-hour limit and a demand that I remit $50 with 15 days; $85 if paid thereafter.

That same day I called Diamond Parking Service’s toll free number and was advised by their customer service representative that since this was my “first offense” they would waive the charge. I was, however, required to email Diamond a copy of my notice along with a copy of my dining receipt.

The next day I received an email from Diamond indicating that since Island Lava Java was not a part of Alii Sunset Plaza, Diamond would not waive the charge and that I must pay $25 on or before Nov. 20 or face an additional $30 late fee. After speaking with another Diamond representative the fine was reduced to $1 as their only method of clearing the “parking notice.”

Mine is not an isolated incident. Numerous reports of similar complaints appear on the internet, mostly by tourists shopping or dining in the same area. I have also spoken directly with persons who have received similar “Parking Payment Notices” and they have chosen not to remit any payment. No collection action has been undertaken by Diamond thus far.

The Diamond customer service representative assured me they do refer unpaid notices to collection and that rental car companies pay the fines without dispute and then charge the renter along with an administrative fee, sometimes equal to the parking notice fee.

It is obvious that Alii Sunset Plaza management is using Diamond as their enforcer in an apparent parking lot war of some kind. Diamond’s signage leaves much to be desired. It fails to adequately disclose the parking areas it controls or the fines it will impose for violating its rules.

Surely there can be more aloha in resolving parking issues between the two property managers involved so that tourists and locals alike do not become unwitting victims of outrageous parking fines.

Probably some tourists have crossed Alii Sunset Plaza off their list for their next visit if not Kona entirely.


Pat Mitchell