My Turn: OHA, protesters display hypocrisy at its finest

The complaint filed against the Hawaii Police Department was a great call by Former Lieutenant Juergen Canda. Taxpayers will have absolutely no problem voiding out that bill. HPD hasn’t been doing their job anyway. Too much conflict of interest with the protesters. And if you haven’t noticed, OHA, its beneficiaries, along with all their “native rights” are above the law. We are a “fake state” according to the protesters. Yet, they continue to hold the rights of U.S. citizenship. And continue to work for state and federal jobs.

They are exercising their constitutional rights to worship and to protest, even though they don’t recognize the U.S. Constitution and its laws unless it benefits them and their beliefs. As clearly demonstrated by their lack of awareness to the 14th Amendment, Hawaii Supreme Court’s final TMT ruling, and their own Hawaiian history.


They aren’t violating the rights of others. Although they are keeping food off the tables of those employees that need to work in order to provide for their families. The protesters have all kinds of food being donated to them so they’re happy. “Really good food up here,” one said.

They aren’t violating the rights of others, so they block access to a state owned road that was clearly paid for by all taxpayers.

They aren’t violating the rights of others even though TMT went through the legal process twice at the request of OHA per Ehu KeKahu Cardwell of Free Hawaii Broadcasting Network. That’s right. It was OHA that wanted TMT to go through the second legal process to stay in Hawaii.

Currently, OHA’s trust is valued at $600 million. In 2006, the Legislature agreed to pay OHA $15.1 million annually in public trust revenues. But since that time, OHA has continued to introduce new bills requesting for more money. Currently, we are all paying $35 million annually to OHA. Even though non-natives are not entitled to any of these benefits.

On Dec. 3, the county council will need to decide as to whether or not it makes any sense to take the $10 million from the state for reimbursement. I had requested that the security of the protesters be paid by OHA. If they have the money to pay for political campaigns, they certainly have the money to pay for political rallies. The protesters balked at this suggestion, yet they have no problem spending other people’s time and money.

Currently, the protesters are asking for an additional $5 million for Maunakea Access Road, and an additional $400 million more for “stolen” lands. All in the name of “protecting” the mauna.

I say, if OHA would be cooperative in handing over their financial records to the FBI and state Attorney General’s Office, I think a lot of questions regarding alleged mismanagement of funds, corruption, and scandal would be answered.

The fact that their own attorney Robert Klein advised all board members, (behind a closed-door meeting) to hire their own attorneys, raises great suspicion.


So how is it that OHA and its beneficiaries are able to point fingers when they themselves have blood on their hands? But yet, there’s no violations occurring — eye roll.

Lisa Malakaua is a resident of Hilo.