Letters to the editor: 11-27-19

Early Christmas gift

I loved the headline this morning, “Another Alii Drive proposal scrapped.”


I am so thankful to the Hawaii Surfing Association, representatives Ms. McMichael and Mr. Alapai for their testimony and all the other citizens who attended and testified at the hearing.

Magic Sands, Pahoehoe and Alii Drive are busy enough and we work hard to keep peace in our parks. Council members I commend you for hearing, evaluating and investigating this property proposal.

Patrice Rammer


Tracy leaves big shoes to fill

The Aloha Theatre was so pleased to celebrate our beloved Jerry Tracy’s many successes and contributions to the theatre during his 27 years of service as artistic director.

While we are appreciative of West Hawaii Today’s coverage of the event Twain &Tracy at Pier 70, the article erroneously reported that two individuals had been selected to serve as Jerry’s successor. In fact, the board of directors is in the midst of an exhaustive search process designed to identify the best possible candidate to carry the theatre’s theatrical programs into the future.

Although Jerry’s shoes will be tough to fill, we are fortunate to have a strong group of candidates. We anticipate making a final decision in March 2020, with a public announcement of who has been selected as our new artistic director soon to follow.

We appreciate the support of Aloha Theatre patrons, donors and volunteers as we move into the theatre’s next phase. We are very excited for the future of the Aloha Theatre and look forward to seeing you at a show soon!

Christe Edwards

President, Aloha Theatre Board of Directors

Rally with us against 5G

Last year, Gov. David lge signed into law legislation for the rapid deployment of 5G in Hawaii. 5G small cell antennas are being installed on Oahu right now. These powerful new antennas are going up in close proximity to homes and apartments. It’s only a matter of time before all the islands are blanketed.

There are now hundreds of peer-reviewed, scientific studies showing that wireless radiation has harmful health effects. The massive increase in exposure that 5G brings is dangerous. The government’s human exposure guidelines were developed back in the 1990s. Did anyone even own a cellphone in the ’90s? The guidelines only consider heating effects, as if we were a roast cooking in a microwave oven! Despite a huge body of scientific evidence, the FCC refuses to update these guidelines, which are among the least protective in the world.

This is particularly concerning when it comes to our children, whose small, developing bodies make them more vulnerable to the effects of wireless radiation. Children also have a longer life in front of them to experience the kind of damage researchers have documented: various cancers, reproductive problems, DNA damage, etc.

In response to the IEEE conference at the Waikaloa Hilton Dec. 10-12, there will be an opportunity to raise awareness and demand safe technology! We will be gathering at the Hilton, on the sidewalk near the main entrance from 9-11 a.m. for sign-waving and information sharing.

No sign? No problem. Please join us if you are concerned about your health and the health and safety of our children. Please RSVP if possible and for more information, www.KeepYourPower.org.


Naomi Melamed, Keep Your Power