Letters to the editor: 12-02-19

Too much welfare bad for the state

In 2001, we decided to settle here in our retirement. We sold everything in California for investments here. The first thing we hear from the seller of our new home is the problems here with the government and the locals, mainly the refusal to increase jobs for the people here.


The first was the resort North of Kahuku, property bought, contracts made, beautiful painted pictures of the resort, voted down by the locals. Next, it was the prison — again property available, contracts made, voted down, but now the parents/family of incarcerated people have to fly to the mainland to visit their family or friends. It was voted down by the locals.

Next came the property at Sea Mountain. The property already was designated for homes and the offer of purchase for the golf course, rebuilt the club house, but it was voted down.

Now, the most important — the telescopes. Locals are trying to vote it down. What is wrong with the people, the government and those who see the need and importance of this project? Where are the people who have common sense on this island? They have zippers on their mouths! All of the projects I have mentioned above — and I am sure there were others — were set up to make money for the locals. And as far as the ones blocking the access to the mountain, why aren’t they at work somewhere?

Our officials build new county offices, raise their income and still do not have sufficient help to open tax money when sent.

I did not see my property tax check cashed for two months. I thought maybe it was lost and I would have to pay a penalty for late payment. After many phone calls, they finally answered and said, “We do not have enough people to open the mail right now.”

So hire more!

No, that would take money away from Mayor Kim or Gov. Ige’s expenses. And what about the four water wells inoperable? Also, the need for more efficient people at the building permits office. We have had a permit request there for three years, no response yet. We paid for an architect, plumber and an electrician to inspect, and sent the completed plans to building department. No answer. Why?

I am thoroughly disgusted with our government and their expenditures. They are certainly not in the interest of the people. And the reason I feel this way is the examples of the above.

I certainly hope when the next election comes people will ask potential electorates what they see as important. What would they change and improve on? Reduce salaries of the big guys and insist committee members attend the meetings they are paid $70,000 a year to attend once or twice a month.

Yes, there are people who choose not to attend due to their difference of opinion. Also providing free food to the people objecting to the telescope is the same as providing free housing to all the homeless! We know of quite a few people who just refuse to work, they love never needing to pay bills.

Welfare is one bad thing for a lot of people. Lack of father in the home, how did this start? Welfare. If there was a man in the house you could not get welfare because the man was supposed to support you. I support legitimate need for welfare.

Other than all of the above I do love Hawaii. Vote for common sense in our directors, not outdated written instructions from previous losers.


Jackie Leigh