Letters to the editor: 12-30-19

Please return home dog taken in front of Safeway

I’m reaching out, as 2019 comes to a close, to see if the Aloha Spirit still exists on the Big Island, and whether it has touched the heart of the person or people who, on the night of May 13, picked up and took my baby girl from in front of Safeway in Kona.


My “baby girl” is a 4-pound teacup Shih Tzu named Pupcake. She and her brother are my only family. I’ve had them since birth, and since Pupcake disappeared, our routines have been disrupted and the energy at home is deflated.

Her brother still hardly eats and is so depressed he sleeps all the time. He doesn’t like life anymore and that affects me terribly. Everything reminds me of her, and I’ve not been able to grieve and let go. Both her brother and I can’t shake the heartache, and not knowing what happened to her makes it worse. No closure.

I know whoever picked her up did so to keep her safe, but they never even tried to find her owner. Her collar was off because she’d just had a haircut, but she didn’t look like a stray. She is spayed and microchipped, and if they’d tried, she’d have been identified and returned home. I know they probably fell in love with her and didn’t want to give that up. I understand that, but she has a family and a home, and like a human child, she remembers, she knows she’s being kept from them, and she misses them. Especially her litter mate.

If whoever found her has been touched by the aloha spirit and understands love, and the pain of sudden loss without answers, I pray they or someone they know reads this and knows the dog’s family is still searching for her, and is still grieving.

If you know a “roly poly puppy” that was picked up in front of Safeway in May, please take her to the humane society for identification so she can be reunited with her family. There is a money reward, a karmic reward, and you will be esteemed as a shining reminder that aloha still exists on our island. And if desired, I know another little pup needing a home.


Jules Compton

Ocean View

Protesters shouldn’t get special help

Why was county highway division manpower used to level out the area used for the kupuna protest tent at Maunakea Access Road? The county and state have spent in excess of $10 million due to this protest up there.

I strongly believe this latest special privilege given to the protesters was inappropriate use of county taxpayer resources.

This latest action, which was initiated by the mayor’s office, unfairly favored the protesters, and was wrong.


Aaron Stene