Letters to the editor: 12-31-19

Plant writer should stay in his garden

As I read Norman Bezona’s end of the year “Focus on good” column printed on Sunday, there were a few things that I found interesting.


While most of us have actually contemplated the meaning of life and have formulated world-views, do we really need to have the concept of universal truth crammed down our throats via our horticulturist column?

My husband and I know Norman personally and appreciate his extensive wealth of knowledge relating to plants, the flora and fauna, however, if I had the opportunity to expound on my spiritual beliefs and promote them on such a public forum, there would be no end to the criticism and ridicule I would face for exploiting my position of power.

Yes, we are all entitled to our own world-views (even as crazy and wacky they may be), however the promotion that all roads lead to Nirvana is simply not true as promoted by Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Gandhi, etc. etc.

If anyone actually closely studies the writings of spiritual leaders throughout time, they will find bits and pieces of similar content, however the major concepts are grossly contradictory to one another.

We know that when we speak of “truth,” we are reminded of something frequently heard, “if it’s true for you, then it’s true … that’s your truth.” I can believe that I am a Scarlet Macaw, however there is no amount of evidence that will honestly prove that I am a Scarlet Macaw.

In closing, let’s cautiously be “mindful” that we do not use the liberties we have to platform our own personal beliefs or agendas.

Yes, may there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.

Dorothy Walsh


Patriotism means standing for your values

This is my response to a letter titled “Not another Trump rant” printed Dec. 12 in West Hawaii Today.

I disagree with the writer’s comments that, as a proper American who was raised patriotic, one should support our president whether they like or dislike him.

In the White House, we presently have a man not worthy of that position. Our founders started our democracy with the Constitution, and amendments as time passed by. Our democracy and its rule of law in deep trouble now because of infringements on the rule of law.

If our president stays in office, especially for another four years, future presidents will have more power and we will be back to kingship and dictatorships. Does this tell us what we need to do to become proud and patriotic Americans?


Lawrence Emery