Letters to the editor: 01-02-20

Reducing plastics is all about personal choice

Time and nature is dissolving much of the huge amount of plastic we all buy and discard into the ocean. Plastic continents are amassing at points where currents take them and break them down into fine particles that are assimilated into the diets of the creatures that live in the ocean and — ultimately — our own.


Plastic is the easiest and cheapest way to package everything, so the boardroom decision is to keep using it for the net value.

In the USA you can easily find anything you want for your taste, comfort and ease but it’s likely going to be made of, or at least encased, in plastic.

Because of the recent collapse of recycling in our community, my wife and I are looking at what we can no longer afford to buy because of the ultimate environmental cost of it. We have deleted some things we like because of the packaging and have found some things we can even make up ourselves, such as laundry soap, rather than buying containers, and choosing products packaged to maintain a healthy environment.

If enough of us can stop buying the plastic and choose sustainable alternatives, the CEOs will choose to change the packaging for the bottom line.

Will Pote


Just my opinion

In the Tuesday, Dec. 31 edition of WHT, Lawrence Emory offers his opinion, “in the White House, we presently have a man not worthy of that position.” Mr. Emory further opines that our democracy is in deep trouble now because of infringements on the rule of law.

Mr. Emory, I do not share your opinion. It is my opinion that Dems in the House have spent the last three years trying to find any pretext to remove the president from office through impeachment. It is also my opinion the Dems have failed miserably.

But let’s forget about our opinions and deal in facts. Unemployment is at record lows. Real wages are up. The stock market is at record levels. We are energy independent. We are creating trade deals that put America first. By nearly any metric, America and Americans are better off under this president.

Yes, I understand you don’t like President Trump. I frankly love the president and the job he’s doing. But that’s just my opinion.


Dave Chrisman