Letters to the Editor: 01-31-20

Keep priorities in mind when voting

In the midst of all the political firestorms that we are hearing and witnessing, I have had to find some clarity and focus on what is really important for my own sanity.


No one can deny that the issues being debated by the candidates are all important, but it seems clear that there are really two priorities that rise to the top.

Those two priorities would be: Nuclear disarmament and climate crisis intervention.

It helps to listen to the candidates using these two filters because if we do not have the goal to solve either one of these, then the other issues such as health care, Social Security, foreign policy, etc. really won’t matter.

If a nuclear war starts or we have no clean air or water, we won’t need health care or Social Security. Corporate greed can take us down the wrong paths with these issues.

So, in voting for a leader of the United States, please keep these priorities in your mind for the sake of our planet, our children and grandchildren. Vote for the leader that you think can help us move toward solving these two priority issues.

Cynthia Weldon


Fund teacher salaries with lottery

House Rep. Scott Sakai wants to tax Hawaii residents to fund increased teacher compensation.

I already help fund teacher compensation. Only problem is that it is in Kentucky, Oregon and Texas. I play the lottery in those states.

Most states have lotteries to help fund schools. Hawaii does not. I consider lotteries as an “opt-in” tax. I can choose to play or not.

The Democrats who control our state politics prefer to “tax and spend” forcing every taxpayer to “give until it hurts.”

Most of us are already hurting. Please consider a lottery as an alternative to help fund increased teacher compensation.


George Lucas