Plant of the Month: Pidgeon pea, a multipurpose tree for a small garden

  • The pigeon pea plant is commercially cultivated in many countries as a valuable food crop. ( Diana Duff)

  • Some pigeon pea cultivars produce yellow flowers with red streaks before producing pods. (Kim and Forest Starr/via Diana Duff)

  • Pigeon pea seeds from – “Pigeon pea seeds are available and ready to plant from several online sources.”

  • Pigeon pea flowers are usually yellow and, depending on the cultivar, can have red petals or coloring as well. ( Diana Duff)

  • Pigeon pea harvest from – “When harvesting pigeon peas, some may be green fresh peas and other pods may be dry containing dry beans.”

The lowly pigeon pea offers many benefits to akamai gardeners. Not only is it a drought-tolerant, small and attractive tree but it also offers an edible crop and fixes nitrogen. As the leaves of pigeon pea trees provide filtered shade for your garden, they are also collecting nitrogen from the air to sequester in your soil.