Small Business Matters: Business in post-pandemic Hawaii

Smack dab in the middle (hopefully, at least) of the current pandemic there’s a lot we don’t know. We don’t know if many small businesses will reopen; of those that do reopen, we don’t know how many can maintain themselves. We don’t know what will happen when the PPP money is gone. We don’t know where the horrendous unemployment numbers we’re looking at now will level off and where they’ll end up. We don’t know if we’re in for a “W-shaped” coronavirus curve with a recurrence of infections, or if we’re on a stable downward slope towards pre-pandemic infection rates. We don’t know when tourists will be free to travel and if they’ll have the money and will feel safe enough to do so. We don’t know what the exploding U.S. deficit will do to tax burdens, cuts in services, and the future of the national economy. We don’t know when we’ll have a vaccine.