Letters to the Editor: June 1, 2020

Set a date

The quarantine of travelers to Hawaii was the right thing to do and saved lives. The situation here has stabilized medically, but the economic toll continues to rise.


There is no foolproof ways to open up, but there are safer ways. Lt. Gov. Josh Green’s proposal of requiring a negative test within three days of arrival or undergo mandatory quarantine is a sensible proposal. In order to make it work, we need to set a date for such a plan now.

Whether the date is July 1 or Oct, 1, we need it to let everyone involved moving to the planning stage for reopening. We need to maximize the planning time so we do it right but it can’t happen til we set a date. If the medical situation change so can the date. We are not going to know more in a month. Do it now so we can do it right.

David Kaplan MD


Saddled and coming our way

Having grown up in a military family, I have been well aware of the lies and atrocities inflicted by Nazi Germany. During this last Memorial Day, I watched much history revisited and clearly documented a need not to repeat this dark time. This present federal administration is acting out criminal behavior that is doing permanent damage to the fabric that has held this country together.

Claiming greed and racism trump morality and common sense is a recipe Hitler fed his nation. And what has our head chef been concocting for our dining pleasure? Please don’t serve me a bowl of cow manure and tell me it is chocolate ice cream.

The four horsemen are saddled and coming our way. Climate change, drought, famine and now an administration that clearly cannot keep this country safe and unified. Vote!

Steve Snyder


Can we meet this challenge?

Closing out the school year this year has been especially challenging for myself and my other teacher friends. Sadly, the fourth quarter-year-end progress and growth that we usually see from our student this quarter has been suddenly erased. Whatever contact we had with our students was instantly changed.

The saddest part of our crazy, post-pandemic world was that we never got to say “goodbye” in person. As an early child educator, I know that closure is important. Although most of us have attempted online Zoom meetings with our students, we know it will never replace real “in-person” teaching. The fact that many (most?) of our students do not have access to technology weighs heavily on our teachers; their thoughts are with their students and families struggling to make ends meet.

This pandemic has made it all too clear our socioeconomic differences; those student without access will continue to fall behind until we find a solution. Yes, even here in Kona. Future education trends suggest online platforms will be essential for all students. Every effort should be made to bring all our students on line and technologically prepared for the future. Teachers are ready and willing to meet this challenge.

Antoinette “Toni” Reynolds


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